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  ARCHIVE Book 2.  
  episode 7. DROWNING WITH CONVICTION. Nils and Kate go out on a girly bender. Jeremy stays home to be stalked by a maniac.  
  episode 8. MEN SENT HIM JEWELRY. Let's take a stroll back to when Nils met Jeremy.  
  episode 9. REVOKING MY RSL MEMBERSHIP pt 1. The girls return to find the maniac has stolen Jeremy.  
  episode 10. REVOKING MY RSL MEMBERSHIP pt 2. Unearthing Jeremy's whereabouts, it seems the maniac's the least of his troubles.  
  episode 11. REVOKING MY RSL MEMBERSHIP pt 3. Jeremy rescue. With taxidermy and a costume.  




Episodes 1 to 6, published between 1994 and 1996.



Episodes 12 to 16, published between 2004 and 2006.



Episodes 17 onward. Beginning January 2007.


Books 1 to 3 are in streaming shockwave format. Click on the cover image to activate. Navigate through comics with the arrow keys, or click anywhere on the image for the next panel.