inquiring minds..

Q. When did Platinum Grit start?

Platinum Grit began as a self-published printed comic from back in 1994 and was released up to issue 10 in 1998. A single story predated this in 1993 in an anthology called Issue One. It bore only a vague resemblance to the characters and the story that began anew in episode 1 and won't be reprinted.

Q. Where can I buy Platinum Grit books?

Platinum Grit is now published by Shadowline, a division of Image Comics. TPB Book One is now available through Amazon or you can order it through your local comic store or comic-friendly bookstore.

Q. Merchandise?

Possibly, at some point. When it happens, you'll hear about it in the news section of the forum.

Q. What was with the three year gap between issue 11 and 12?

The comic had to be put on hiatus thanks to a long term illness. I got better in 2003, so now PG's back.

Q. When is the next one coming out?

As soon as I'm able to get it done. Each issue averages between 35 to 45 comic book pages, and is a labour-of-love, not a job. I do my best to get it out as often as I can in the time I have without sacrificing quality. In the meantime, check the news section of the forum for updates where I'll keep you informed on the current progress.

Q. I have this script, do want to draw it?

No I don't, sorry. I'm not taking on any outside projects as I'm very busy with my own.

Q. Do you have a mailing list for when new episodes go online?

No. I keep a progress thread going on the forum that lets you know where we're at with the next episode. Subscribe to the current thread for email update notices. If you have a LiveJournal account, feel free to friend me. I post Grit updates on my journal as well.

We don't have an RSS feed as such, but you can instead follow me on Twitter and click on the RSS feed link there.